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D.A.T.E. (Développement et Application des Techniques de l’Énergie) specializes in the design and manufacture of thermal and thermodynamic equipment.
thermal and thermodynamic equipment.

The company designs and manufactures high-tech custom heat exchangers for 3 markets:

  • Defense & Space
  • Scientific & Research
  • Industrial & Hydrogen

Our customers are major players in the hi-tech industry: Airbus, Thalès, Naval Group, Schneider, Air Liquide, Symbio,
PsiQuantum, etc. DATE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-tech custom-made heat exchangers, and is looking to
to increase its production volumes.

DATE is facing a sharp increase in demand (25% in 2023 and 35% in 2024) and needs to structure its growth.

DATE is looking for a thermal engineer (F/H) to report to the Technical Department.

Experiences & profile

  • Beginner accepted with thermics internship in industry
  • Strong aptitude for teamwork
  • Aptitude for conceptual calculations and pre-studies


As an engineering and manufacturing company, our core business is the technical study, the design and the manufacturing of high-end heat exchangers

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