A cookie is a file that is stored on the User’s device. Cookies may be installed on the User’s terminal depending on the choices and options set in the User’s browser.
Cookies can perform various functions, including saving browser settings, collecting statistics, authorizing specific technical functions, etc. D.A.T.E. uses cookies to facilitate navigation, in particular to store information that will be reused the next time the user accesses the Site

technical cookies are strictly necessary to provide an online communication service expressly requested by the user (session identifier, authentication);

audience measurement cookies allow statistics and analysis of the site’s traffic and its various areas;

cookies from partner services (video playback) enable the latter to find out how their platform is used and to display targeted advertisements, if necessary.

When a User visits the Site, information is collected for statistical purposes on his connection and his behavior (number of visitors, pages visited). This information does not allow D.A.T.E. to directly identify the User and the editors of the Site do not take any measures to identify the User. In particular, there is no cross-referencing between the personal information requested from the User in the form and the information necessary for statistics.

Users can choose to permanently deactivate the above cookies or configure their browser to warn them before saving them on their computer and present each cookie for approval at any time. However, the deactivation of cookies is likely to prevent the User from taking advantage of certain services offered by the Site and/or to harm the fluidity of his navigation, for which D.A.T.E. cannot be held responsible. The User has the possibility of filtering the cookies by taking into account their purpose, rather than deactivating them in their entirety.