Plate Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers system between two fluids.
Advanced materials: Stainless steel, Inconel 625, etc..
Temperatures: -271,3°C / -456,3°F / 1,8K up to 700°C / 1292°F / 1000
Molecules type: O2, H2, N2, CH4, He, Xe, Ar, glycoled
water in gaseous phase, liquid phase, supercritical phase, monophasic and diphasic
: full vacuum to 200 bar

Plate fin Heat Exchangers

Tailored Plate Fin Heat Exchangers :
limited weight or restrictive volume,
high efficiency, onboard systems

Thermal Shrouds

High-End thermal isolation systems, test benches,
space environment simulators.


Heat Pipes

Heat Transfer device to homogenize process temperature: double
walled systems, thermal capsule. Accuracy up to °C.

Whole systems

Air Coolers and heating circulators.


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